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Reading and Learning

There are different methods and styles of learning a language and there is not one that is universal and applicable to every person. Some learn best by doing, others by listening, third by learning rules by heart. This is one of the main reasons why I prefer a very individual approach towards each one of my students, an approach tailored specifically to their needs and their abilities.

In the years past, I have particularly enjoyed one method of studying, and that is learning vocabulary and grammar while reading a book, or a story, rather than an adapted text. There are plenty of books out there, written specifically for language learners who enjoy literature and wish to get something out of it.

The books I am talking about are the ones that, in the text, in the middle of the story, have an exercise, which you need to complete, in order to be able to continue reading on. This might be something simple, such as a paragraph with the verbs taken out, where the reader needs to fill the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. A fun spin on the old gap text exercise.

I have found this to be a successful method with both adults and children, and if you are someone who enjoys reading, say, crime stories, this is just the method for you.

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